Collections Varsang

Collections Varsang : Varsang has been established in the year 2020 with the aim of providing content to the readers who like every topic related to writing {1. Poems, 2. Jokes, 3. Shayari and 4. Thoughts & quotes} present as per readers’ choice. in the world according to their choice. In collections varsang, we provide the world popular 4 category related to writing.

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Collections Varsang

Collections Varsang
Collections Varsang

shayari collections

Collections Varsang (Shayari collections) : In this collections different types of shayari like two lines, friendship, birthday, break up etc. Are included. Which is based on various emotions like emotional, sad, romantic, heart touching, happiness etc. Are included. You can share with them your friends and people close to your heart. You show your feelings. Can add new colors to your relationships.

Shayari types

Poems collections

Collections Varsang (Poems collections) : The collections include various world famous poets like robert frost, john keats, john donne etc. And Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, Sumitranand Pant, Kabirdas, Surdas etc. Are included. These various poets are famous for poems of many kinds of emotions like Romantic, Sad, Motivational, Patriotic, Religious, Psychology etc. Are included. With all these poems we give theme and analysis. Through which we can understand these famous poems very well.

➡ English poets
➡ Hindi poets

Jokes collections

Collections Varsang (Jokes collections) : These collections are the most famous collections of varsang. It has 2 category (Hindi – English). These jokes are for each age group. In this we include Jokes on many subjects like school, doctor, married life, funny shayari, group Admin etc. Are included. You can share these with your friends, relatives and everyone.

➡️ Hindi jokes
➡️ English jokes

Thoughts and quotes collections

Collections Varsang (Thoughts & quotes collections) : This is very important for collections education purpose. In the English language, the greatest people of the world like Albert einstein, Abraham lincoln, mahatma gandhi, Muhammad Ali etc. Thoughts and quotes are given in different expressions. Quotes have been included in Hindi based on various expressions. Love, life experience, pain, break up etc.

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