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angry quotes in english

Someone deserves another chance,

When he first leaned something by mistake.

anger management quotes - angry quotes

Anger can only be felt

It cannot be measured.

anger management quotes - angry quotes

Keep calm in anger

The work of the most intelligent.

anger management quotes - angry quotes

In today’s time,

Some people have very high prices,

But for me they are all getting very cheap.

anger management quotes - angry quotes

I don’t get angry soon,

Because I have no time for,

stupid, immature and ignorers.

anger management quotes - angry quotes

Spoke in someone’s anger,

Don’t forget the words,

Sometimes that is true.

You have lots of reasons to get angry,

And there are very few reasons to,

remain calm on that anger.

Anger is normal for everyone,

Everyone has the right to do this,

But being cruel in anger is ignorance.

No work should be done in anger

Because that work without thinking,

Happens and is wrong.

Never be angry with stupid people,

Listen to all their things,

And hurry away from you.

angry quotes in english

Sometimes I express my pain in anger,

If I say “I hate you”,

It means you have given me pain.

In anger we sometimes get inside the mind,

Reveal the feeling of

Which are sometimes good or sometimes bad.

To say something angry,

The best way,

Let him be called affectionately indirectly.

Anger is another name for danger.

The reason for my bad nature is those people

who knew that they were wrong,

But Used to prove still I am wrong,

Somebody is very quiet;

he is not mad,

He only has more control over his temper.

There is a lot of difference,

in pain and anger.

Anger is the home of foolishness.

Stupid people increase their anger,

The sensible control it and reduce it.

You do not teach your Love one to be angry,

Rather they have to raise anger and

Teach them to use at the right time.

angry quotes in english

The person who cannot fulfill a promise,

Do not believe in any promise next time from him.

Some friends for you,

Are like a knife,

Useful as well as dangerous.

your fault was,

You wanted to leave me,

And my mistake was,

I wanted to be with you.

Angry people sometimes,

Those they say,

Which is not true.

Never tell your big dreams,

To a small mind person.

If someone is repeatedly,

Stops believing on you,

So stop convincing him.

If you want to know,

What is he think about you,

So just make him angry.

Want to remove negative thinking,

So keep busy with the most ridiculous tasks.

Don’t get angry if no one helps you,

You have to help yourself.

Angry man’s mouth opens,

And the brain shuts down.

angry quotes in english

Do not try to happy anyone,

Those who belong to you will be happy with you.

For Ex: You came into our lives,

You taught a lot,

But now I never get another like you again.

It is sensible to stay away from such a person,

That can already say,

“Stay away from me, today the mood is bad”

Whenever you get angry,

Take deep breath in anger,

And be absolutely calm.

Everything changes in life,

Good ones become bad,

Who promise to live together,

They all leave,

But life goes on

anger management quotes - angry quotes

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