Why VarSang?

Varsang The name of this site is related to our life and every word of this name has its own importance mainly by adding this name SANG I hope to get many changes and achievements in our life.

meaning of VarSang :

V = versatile

A = attractive

R = rare

S = superior

A = analyser

N = noble

G = glossary

Poems collections

This collection is available to the readers of the best works of the world’s best Hindi poets like (Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Agnayya, Kumar Vishwas, Kabir, Rahim) etc. and English poets like (robert forest, john donne, william shakespeare, john keats) etc. With biography, poems introduction and some explanation Is.

Jokes collections

This collection is divided into 2 parts based on language, in which jokes are available according to the readers of different age groups of the world –

(A) Hindi jokes: It has popular sub – categories like 18+ adults jokes (double meaning), Bollywood jokes, father – son jokes, Hindi funny shayari, GF – BF jokes, Group Admin jokes, Santa – banta jokes. Which are mainly in Hindi.

(B) English jokes: There are popular sub-categories like Woman jokes, doctor jokes, husband – wife jokes, little Jonny jokes, marriage jokes, random insult jokes, school jokes which are mainly in English.

Shayari collections

This collection is the most demanded subject for the modern generation as well as the generation of the last few decades. It is divided into 2 branches –

(A) shayar: It consists mainly in the category of most popular poets which include poets like Rahul jain, Rahat indori, Zubair Ali Tabish etc.

(B) Shayari types: In this, a popular sub-category of readers has been created mainly on the basis of different emotions like –

Shayari of emotions like friendship, love, pain, remembrance, mistakes, sorrow is available.

Thoughts and quotes collections

This collection is a confluence of thoughts and quotes of great people. It is divided into 2 parts on linguistic basis –

(A) Hindi: Every topic, every emotion and some great persons in Hindi have quotes.

(B) English : It is divided into 2 sub-category –

  (1) Authors: It contains quotes given by great philosophers on various emotions like –

(Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, mohandas Gandhi).

(2) Types: It contains the views of different philosophers on 1 sense like –

(motivational, leadership, work, truth, success quotes)